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We live in a time of food abundance in the developed world.

And yet chronic diseases are skyrocketing - weight problems, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes to name a few. 

There is one way of eating that's been shown to both help people attain their ideal body weight and prevent or possibly reverse chronic disease.

These issues come from the same root cause.

It's the food system.

Adopting a plant-based eating style presents some unique problems:

Benefit 1

You'll need to go shopping for some new clothes because the things you've been wearing will be too big.

Benefit 2

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Krystal diaz

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Michele’s positive and informative approach to eating and health helped me get on the right mindset to stay healthy. What I particularly appreciate though is she wants food to be delicious - I learnt a lot about flavour and taste and her email mailing list is one of the few I read in full.

Keon Lee

General Manager, Theatre Director, Writer, and Teacher, Faust International Youth Theatre