the Ultimate

Plant-Based Pantry List

Set up your pantry and fridge to eat more plant-forward; grab our checklist & short guide here!

It will quickly get you started & serve as a long-term reference.

Use This List To:
See what you already have & build up your staples

Use our list to see and keep track of what's already in your pantry & build upon that foundation.

Plan out your weekly meals

Understand what you have, and plan what to buy with our meal planning pages.

Note recipes you want to make

Planning recipes with a list of what you have, and what you'll buy makes shopping easier and faster.


What they say

The biggest win I've had so far is feeling like I can cook something that's plant-based and does not taste horrible.

Krystal Diaz - Co-Founder, Director and Vocal Coach

There are plenty of alternatives to animal products! Don’t be afraid you will be deprived.

Vickie Hu - Founder, Ensemble Co-Creating Space

Set up your kitchen to eat in a healthier plant-based way with The Ultimate Plant-Based Pantry List, created by Michele Wisla, Living Well and Plant-Based Culinary Health Coach of Our Conscious Kitchen.

Be A Picky Eater For Yourself!

Every bite you take defines your life & every plate you eat today tells the story of your future health.

Start to learn how the most important health decisions begin in your grocery cart and learn the secrets for making your most delicious and healthy choices!

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