At a crossroads with your health & realizing you need to clean up your diet?

You need to change your diet because you've had a wake-up call and you know health problems run in your family.

You're adding more plant-based meals to your routine, but find the food bland and also not sure if you're doing it right. 

This Plant-Based Starter Guide gives you 5 simple tips & tricks to make plant-based eating SO much more flavorful.

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Hi!  I'm Michele, a Culinary Health Coach & Nutrition Educator.

I work with people like you who know they should be making smarter food choices, helping them do it, so that they can gain control over their health.

Knowing that we're surrounded with bias and misinformation in the social media and online spaces, I aim to cut through the nutrition noise and help those who ask "what should I eat?”.

Licensed as a Food For Life Instructor by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, with a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies & Cornell as well as Food Revolution Network's Plant-Based Coach Certification, helping people gain clarity and develop better habits around food is what lights me up.

I've studied how to make food delicious with Matthew Kenney's Food Future Institute and am Forks Over Knives Roubex Certified.

Staying up to date with all things wellness as a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine allows me to bring the best and most current information on wellness to you!