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Capture Today's Consumers with Plant-Based Vegan Options

The Future of Hospitality is Plant-Based

88% of food practitioners expect consumer demand for plant-based food to increase.

Veganism isn't a fringe diet any longer.

It's a lifestyle that's increasingly influencing the choices vegan tourists make in terms of the destinations they visit and the hotels they stay at.

Vegans Hold VETO Power

These days, every social group or family has a plant-based/vegan member. Vegans hold the VETO vote, so make sure your restaurant has options for them, or they may choose to dine elsewhere.

You Could Gain New Customers (Who Keep Coming Back!)

No consumer is more loyal or will give you better word-of-mouth promotion than a vegan. Vegans are interested in more than a good meal - they’re looking for places that show a commitment to health, sustainability and animal protection.

Achieve Your SUSTAINABILITY goals

Making well-informed, beyond greenwashing, sustainable choices reduces your environmental impact, your expense, and also provides exceptional guest experiences.

These efforts are further recognised by Michelin which, in 2021, created the new green star accolade for restaurants going above and beyond to keep the environment in mind and act sustainably.

3 Most Common Mistakes Restaurants Make

Could you be making one of them?


Plain, Uninspired Menu Options

If your vegan menu only consists of salad, fries, steamed veggies and white rice you're not going to excite your guests. Nor if you have the default unimaginative processed branded burger and no other options to choose from.


Misunderstanding Vegan Diets

Your menu has a 'vegan' symbol, showing that you know it's important, yet there's nothing vegan actually on the menu or you confuse vegetarian with vegan.


No Complete Vegan Dishes

You're offering a plant-based burger, but not offering a vegan bun and you're serving it with regular cheese. Or all of your salads have eggs or cheese and if you take that away your guest is left with a non-nutritionally complete meal of lettuce and tomatoes.

Dodge One-Star Reviews:Refine Your Menu & Train Your Team

Avoid unknowingly damaging your brand from a PR standpoint by not understanding the nuances of the vegan market.

Understanding vegan ingredients, food preparation dos-and-don’ts, marketing strategies and other aspects of developing plant-based menu items and training staff can be overwhelming, intimidating, time consuming and complicated.

Four Ways I Can Help You With The Demands of The Rapidly Growing Plant-Based Market.

Recipe Development

If there’s only one vegan option, it’s not really an “option” now, is it?

To get return customers and help your chef understand preferences, you need to offer a few choices in each category.

Vegan Desserts

Don’t let your patron finish a great meal only to find there’s no vegan dessert or you only have some fruit.

Earn brownie points with....a vegan brownie!

Menu Evaluation

You need to offer nutritionally balanced dishes that include legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruit so your guests feel satisfied, and have items clearly labelled.

Staff Training

Most guest complaints can be avoided if your staff are properly trained to answer questions about the menu.

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