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I'm available to help your team implement corporate wellness programs for a more plant-forward environment.

When we work together

I'm not just bringing knowledge about how to eat the most delicious plant-based foods, but real evidence-based nutritional know-how paired with a corporate background and understanding of how teams thrive.


Empowering Teams for Success and Strategic Wellness Programs: As an health coach focusing on food education, I support your team to adopt healthier lifestyles, which boosts morale, and enhances performance. I design and implement tailored wellness programs that not only foster a healthy and productive work environment but also drives overall business success


Expert Knowledge and Customized Nutrition Workshops: As a Licensed Food For Life Instructor by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine with a solid foundation in culinary nutrition, I bring expert knowledge and offer bespoke workshops. These sessions focus on plant-based nutrition, cooking demos, and the science behind the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, providing engaging, experiential learning for your employees.


Reduced Healthcare Costs and Enhanced Employee Productivity: By promoting a plant-based lifestyle, I can help lower your employees' risk for chronic diseases, reducing healthcare costs, and increasing savings. Healthier employees tend to be happier and more productive, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover, leading to overall improved company performance.


Sustainability, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Adopting a plant-based lifestyle not only supports the health of your employees but also conveys your company's commitment to sustainability and ethical choices. This can enhance your brand image, elevate your corporate social responsibility profile, and foster a more engaged and committed workforce.


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What My Clients Say

Catherine Cheung

Director, PRO Marketing Services

I’m always amazed by Michele’s multi-talent. She is Food Educator, Certified Nutrition Coach, plant-based cook, food photographer, speaker.

I cherish attending Michele’s Food for Life class on plant-based diet. It’s theory and practice, plus gourmet treat, all delivered in her light-hearted style. I especially liked her cooking demo.

As her recipes follow evidence-based nutrition principles, they are simple to prepare and delicious!

James Chang

C.E.O. Eiyoka Algae Foods

I was introduced to Michele Wisla over half a decade ago. She impressed me as a dedicated professional. Her passion and love for Healthy Food and lifestyle, instigates from within.

I have seen Michele morph into a world class expert advocate in plant-based nutritional and innovator in delectable vegan food and beverage.

Equipped with an ever-inquisitive mind Michele never backed off from any reasonable challenges. 

Bernice Lee

Director, ELI

Michele's Mediterranean Diet recipes helped me to prepare tastier nutritious meals. And by applying the underlying principles to my Chinese cooking, I lost 12.5 pounds in 5 months.

I don’t have any more generalised pain and my brain fog has improved. I’m also confident in my ability to prepare balanced meals for the rest of my life.

Michele is a fountain of knowledge and very passionate about sharing the plant-based lifestyle with others. There’s no doubt in my mind that she can help you improve your life by eating healthy without sacrificing taste.